Conger Construction Services, LLC


From the TSBPE:


In order to allow everyone to complete a correspondence course and to meet the CPE requirements for renewal, all licenses/registrations expiring on March 31st until May 31st   will have their expiration dates extended due to potential challenges meeting their CPE course requirements. Medical Gas CPE will also be allowed via correspondence in lieu of classroom. Many providers have this course available.

However, licensees/registrants will need to continue to pay their fees and meet all other renewal requirements. This includes having fingerprints completed  if you are renewing a Tradesman Plumber Limited License. All renewal applicants should complete a correspondence course as soon as they can.

In addition, we are asking political subdivisions to recognize that we have extended the expiration of the license/registration date so as not to prohibit the purchasing of permits, the obtaining of inspections or the performance of plumbing.

Attention Students:

Due to an abundance of caution and Governor Abbott’s Disaster Declaration, Conger Construction Services, LLC, has decided to postpone all upcoming face-to-face classes until May 1. However, we are in the process of setting up a virtual continuing education class, under the new temporary guidelines put out by the TSBPE. We also will continue to offer correspondence classes as an option for license renewal, as well as training requirements for Tradesman and Journeyman licenses (per TSBPE). We are working diligently to put together a virtual class and will be contacting you with updates as soon as we receive them. During this unprecedented time, we as for your patience, as we develop these new classes. Remember – the plumber protects the health of the nation!